FLICKS: ‘Green Inferno’ pulled less than a month before release


Weirdly, I was looking forward to seeing this in the theater. Doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen now:

“Green Inferno” was already getting poor reviews. But the cannibal theme may have been too much, especially since warm hearted cooking films are all the rage now. Jason Cassidy is over there, just promoted to head of marketing. He’s very smart, a Miramax grad. He may have just told everyone what was eating him, so to speak.

“Green Inferno” was financed by Worldview Entertainment, which has lately been in financial turmoil. Their CEO Christopher Woodrow was forced to step down recently under a cloud. Sources tell me the company is a mess. and that all their deals should be scrutinized. “They just don’t have the money to pay for the release,” a source tells me, even though the company is run by respected CEO Molly Connors.

The trailer hits on many themes I like and Roth is very good at making disgusting, cringe-inducing cinema. He also hates pretentious Americans of all stripes, so I suspect this will become a cult hit once it’s available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes et al.